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High Viscous Fluid Transfer Pump
     CHING YEA V0806 provide flow rate up to 28:4 liter per minute (7.5 gpm) and operating pressures up to 168 bars.   Features and benefits High flow and fluid pressure increase production High output per cycle; reduced wearing for longer life and lower repair costs Floating piston seal and priming plate improve pumping capacity for high viscosity materials. Applications Transferring sealants or adhesives to multiple dispensing stations Transferring viscous chemicals Feeding high volume applicators, multiple meters or proportioners Transferring offset inks to printing presses Key Materials  Acrylics Butyl Caulking compounds Epoxy Lubricants PVC sealer Silicones Urethanes
Design to high output per cycle, high power and performance. This is ideal for transferring a wide variety of fluids. You can get a lot of pumping in a small package. D0906 Pumps guarantee high endurance and durability. Features and Benefits Short stroke design reduces flex, extends diaphragm flex High performance with high mobility. Key Applications Drum fluid transfer. Unloading fluids. Chemical evacuation. Key Materials Chemicals. Contaminated surface water Adhesives, varnishes, dispersions, solvents and stains. Resins, latexes, wood preservative stains, concrete
65:1 Hulk Airless Sprayer
Tough sprayers for tough jobs CHING YEA’s HULK sprayers offer highly reliable performance even in the harshest environment. Combination of extreme pressure ratio, high flow rate and rugged design make HULK sprayers ideal for handling extremely viscous fluids. CHING YEA’s HULK is the answer for your heavy-duty spray applications. Feature and Benefits Higher pressure ratio for higher flows, longer lines and better atomization. Wide spraying and coating covered area Typical Applications Marine and shipyard Off-shore Railcars and other transport vehicles Chemical and petrochemical plants Public works facilities Pulp and paper mills Nuclear and conventional power facilities Pipeline Metals and mining Typical Fluids Handled Industrial protective coating High solids epoxy primers and coatings High solids polyurethane coatings Waterborne coatings



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