COSMOSTAR M0705 Air-operated Radial agitator 1/2HP

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    Key Features

    • Variable speed.

    You can vary airmotor speed between 300 and 10,000 rpm (depending on model selection) with asimple valve put in between the air source and air motor.

    •Nonelectrical sparking.

    As anonelectrical device, the possibility of explosion from igniting flammablegases is greatly reduced.

    •Instantly reversible.

    A four-way valvein the air line enables a Air Motor to be instantly reversed. A turn of thevalve causes a complete reversal of rotation, even when the motor is running atfull speed.

    •Cool running.

    As the air motorturns, expanded air cools the motor. Units can be used in ambient temperaturesup to 250°F (120°C) in an nonhazardous atmosphere.

    •Compact and portable.

    Get maximumhorsepower with minimum size and weight.

    •Minimum maintenance.

    You can put a AirMotor in places where they will not get much service, because there’s virtuallynothing to service on a Air Motor, providing it is operated on a clean, dry,and lubricated air supply*.

    •Willnot burn out.

    Air Motors canbe stalled or overloaded for long periods without damage.

    •Low price.

    Cost is lessthan other motors of equal horsepower and capabilities.

    •Operate in all positions.

    Mount themsideways, upside-down, or in any position so long as adequate lubrication* isprovided and end thrust is kept to design limits, it will operate in almost anyposition, see model data.

    •Low-shock starts.

    Because AirMotors go to work with air-cushioned smoothness, they cut stress on yourequipment.

    •Self-sealing vanes.

    Vanes areself-sealing and automatically take up their own wear, thus ensuring constantoutput for thousands of hours of use.

    •Mounting flexibility.

    Foot, hub, face,NEMA-C or metric flange motor mountings are standard equipment for most airmotor sizes.

    •Four-vane or eight-vane.

    Four-vane unitsmeet most requirements, but for more precise inching control and minimum blow byin applications where motor is operating in a stalled condition, specifyeight-vane models.

    •Long-life accessories.

    To ensure longlife, CHINYEA offers accessories designed to extend unit life including airfilters that remove water and particles down to 5 microns, and air linelubricators that supply a constant flow of lubrication automatically. We cansupply a pressure regulator that provides precise control of power andoperating speed. Options like these help you get smooth performance with minimummaintenance.

    *Non-lubricatedseries does not require a lubricator

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